Christopher Columbus, the great discoverer of America

Christopher Columbus was a navigator, cartographer, and admiral from the Republic of Genoa in the service of the Crown of Castile. Thanks to him, the European world could expand into what was known as the New World, America.


It is recorded that in the year 1476 during an expedition, the fleet in which Columbus was traveling was attacked by the French, very close to Portugal. Because of this, Columbus settled in Lisbon as a commercial agent, making trips to Guinea, England, and Iceland. In Portugal also, he was dedicated to making maps and other studies, such as classical languages, which allowed him to learn about the studies of Aristotle and Ptolemy on the sphericity of the Earth.

Thanks to these studies, Christopher Columbus would be inspired to make the greatest journey of his life, what the world would recognize as the discovery of America. Assuming that the globe was smaller than it actually is, Columbus designed a trip to Asia by sailing west.

It is said that some sailors briefed him on some islands that could serve as rest stops, completely ignoring that it was a new continent. Under the pretext of improving the European economy, Columbus found in the kings of Spain its sponsors, who helped him undertake the most important journey of his life. The plan was to reach the Far East without crossing the lands controlled by the Arabs.

That was how, in August 2nd 1492, the three caravels sailed to unknown lands. All full of characters previously imprisoned, and anyone who would venture on a journey of months by sea. Queen Elizabeth had granted important privileges Columbus to ensure his return.

Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492, haphazardly and without knowing it. It is said that other European navigators had already stepped on American soil before Columbus, however, he was the first to share the news with the world and the only one capable of making the map for making possible the exploration. The discovery of America was the first step toward colonization and paved the way for the so-called conquistadors like Cortez and Pizarro who later ventured to the New World.