Man with a backpack walking on a country road
7 things that will make your trip an unforgettable experience

To travel, having the right attitude is just as necessary as making plans and having a budget.
Perhaps this is not quite easy for many, used to being in control and to follow fixed routes; however, to disconnect for a few days of your strict routine will do you good. Think that work and people who you are used to will be there when you return, but now you have the chance to experience new things and to know a part of yourself that you did not take seriously before.
Here are some tips that will make your trip more interesting, and that will help you collect memories and incredible stories:

Try typical food even if it is strange.
One way to broaden our horizons is through food. We are used to eat the same things every day. As hard to believe as it may sound, you will find yourself missing foreign food once you get back home.




Talk with people from other countries.

Meeting new people will always make you feel renewed. There’s nothing like a good conversation in which you are really interested in, because it’s about things you never thought of before..


Try to communicate in the language of the country where you are.
Even if you’re not very good at it, locals will appreciate your effort because it means that you are really interested in their culture. It will show that you are not a superficial tourist who seeks his own customs in another country.




Walking aimlessly.
Feeling completely free to walk and see around is the best you can do during your trip. You may think that everything is different to your home town and that you may be a little lost, but it will be a different emotion from what you are used to and it will become an unforgettable memory.




Collect stamps in your passport from all countries you’ve been.

They can also be train tickets, theater passes, or anything really. Passionate travelers have drawers full of garbage from abroad in their homes.


Send a postcard to your family.
It’s a pretty old and romantic thing to do for the digital age in which we live. You will get home before it arrives, for sure, but this will give you an idea about how it was like traveling in the past and it will add sentimental value to that piece of paper you wrote while you were about to board a train or to go through a historic site.




Start speaking with the accent of where you were.
Your regular accent will return slowly, but you will preserve a few words and when, occasionally you hear the slang of that country around you, you will find it familiar, because it means that you have taken on that culture which at first was totally strange. That’s how you will realize you are somehow different after being there.