Kerala, India


Kerala is a tropical paradise in India, surrounded by extensive vegetation, beaches and extraordinary weather. It’s a destination, although unknown for tourists, ideal for adventurous spirit travelers. The city is one of the most literate in India and has cultural diversity, so you can find temples of different religions.




Other attractions of the place, are for example, a trip through its canals in some typical raft of the region, contemplate its beautiful sunsets or an elephant ride. It has been named by National Geographic magazine as one of the 50 places that one must visit in life.















Bruges, Belgium


As if out of a fary tale, the small town of Bruges is one of the most visited by tourists in Belgium. Its medieval atmosphere and preserved constructions give an unforgettable touch for those who like to know dreamlike nooks . From the year 2000, it was declared by Unesco, Patrimony of the Humanity.




Navigating through its canals reinforces the romantic atmosphere of this place, those who visit Bruges must get on a boat and do this magnificent tour; as well as walking through its cobbled streets to see monuments and churches that frame its landscape. And finally you can not fail to try their Belgian beer and chocolates which are worldwide famous.









Bali, Indonesia


This paradise located in Indonesia, is also known as the island of the gods, this name has its origin in the particular religious practice of its inhabitants, who are Balinese Hindu. Its tropical weather and its charming beaches are perfect to spend in couple unforgettable holidays surrounded by nature and a romantic atmosphere.




The exquisite Balinese cuisine is a culinary fusion of the entire world, characterized by the strong flavors of the spices they occupy; Trying the native fruits is an unforgettable experience for every visitor.


If you do not know Bali yet, it’s time to plan your next destination on this extraordinary island







Venice, Italy


Venice, also called the city of canals, has been a world icon of romanticism, its canals and landscapes are one of the favorite destinations for traveling as a couple and have inspired various artists to create their works.






The sale of masks, Murano glass and hand painted fabrics are some of the famous souvenirs that one can acquire in this beautiful city. The Plaza de San Marcos frames a beautiful postcard to enjoy, surrounded by cafes and restaurants to delight the view and spend a very pleasant time. A gondola ride through the Grand Canal is undoubtedly the main attraction of the city and no tourist can miss the experience.











Mykonos, Greece


Greece is undoubtedly one of the favorite holiday destinations in the world, its spectacular locations have even been scenarios of several cinematographic films and witness beautiful sunsets of this place of the Mediterranean. Myconos is a small island of no more than 90km2, world famous for its beaches and the peculiar color of its blue and white constructions.




To get to know the island, it is necessary to walk it, enter its narrow alleys where you can find picturesque shops and get a nice souvenir. Nightlife is another of its greatest attractions, even compared to Ibiza. Its windmills are another distinctive feature, just like its museums, it has an archaeological museum, an ethnographic museum, the naval or maritime museum of the Aegean Sea and the Popular Museum.






Andalucía, Spain


Whether you travel to the Spanish capital, beautifully lit during these dates and with many entertainment and gastronomy options; or on the Mediterranean coast, Malaga and Gibraltar, as well as the Canary Islands are perfect to not lose the capacity for wonder.


The province of Andalucía has one of the best tourist areas that are characterized by its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate, the coast of the Sun, Cadiz and Almeria have famous beaches very different from each other in their geographical composition, degree of urbanization and color of the seawater.


It is one of the most impressive communities in Spain, from the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and with wonderful cities like Malaga, Seville, Granada, Cadiz, Jaén or Cordoba, Andalucía has it all. A favorite destination for both Spanish and tourists is Costa del Sol, in Malaga province, framed by mountains such as Montes de Málaga, Sierra Alpujata, Sierra de Mijas and Sierra Blanca.


Andalucía is characterized by its diversity, from cosmopolitan and sophisticated areas such as the capital of Malaga, Marbella and Puerto Banús, to cliffs, Arab villages and the White Villages of the Serranía de Ronda.



Chiapas, México



This Mexican destination is full of mysticism; Spends the end of the year among its natural landscapes and Mayan archaeological sites where it is said, a special energy is concentrated during the winter solstice.

Chiapas is one of the Mexican states with the most indigenous population, thus it preserves many ancestral traditions. Visit the archaeological zone of Palenque, mysteriously abandoned by the Mayans, it is a 2.5 km park considered world heritage, although it is said that it has only been explored in 2% of what the extension of the original city was.

The Lacandon Jungle is located in this state, which is home to 20% of the total Mexican species, almost 3,000 of a vegetation type and a great variety of animal life among which stands out the majestic jaguar.


Chiapas also has a diversity of climates, from the highlands where the temperature in winter is regularly less than zero, unlike its coast, composed of mangroves, which clearly has a tropical climate.


The diversity of this state can be seen everywhere, from the numerous indigenous languages spoken daily among its inhabitants, to the dishes that vary from region to region of both pre-Hispanic and mestizo influence, as well as the large number of rituals and popular celebrations that take place all year around.



San Francisco, United States


This can be the perfect city to find inspiration and come back full of energy and new ideas. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid building, board the trams that run through its steep streets, and stroll through its famous Chinatown.


This is the city “most walkable” according to, because its streets are full of restaurants, shops and entertainment centers to every visitor needs. It owns an international personality because 39% of its inhabitants come from abroad, especially Asia and Latin America, so that cultural convergence provides the ideal environment for creative people in search of adventure and ideas.



San Francisco is an epicenter of liberal culture that writers and artists developed in the 1960s, as well as a popular destination for the LGBT community that annually celebrates the country’s biggest pride march.


This city is a paradise for cultured tourism interested in festivals like Castro Street Fair, Union Street Art Festival, North Beach Festival and Haight-Ashbury Street Fair; Art museums such as the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, the American Conservatory Theater and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art among many others; as well as concerts, parties and parades as this city is home to Rock, Punk and some important rappers.



Nagoya, Japan


Japan is a place full of symbolism and tradition as well as great buildings and cutting-edge technology. In this country they believe that there are 108 terrestrial passions that people must overcome to reach enlightenment and during the New Year they sound 108 strokes (jyoya no Kane) that represent the possibility of reaching it.


This city is perfect for all those who are interested in technological development, we recommend visiting the Nagoya Science Museum which has one of the largest planetariums in the world and the Toyota Kaikan Museum, to observe Toyota’s future models and shows with robots.


Nagoya has many attractions for tourists who like to wander around surrounded by bars, shops and izakayas, for this kind of entertainment Sakae area is perfect; Garden Pier in Nagoya Harbor even has an amusement park and aquarium; or the famous Nagashima Resort, a huge water attractions park.

For fans of Japanese popular culture, you can find on the fifth floor of the Matsuzakaya mall, the Pokemon Center, or visit Aichi Expo Park where you can see the full-size reproduction of Satsuki and Mei House from “My neighbor Totoro”.



On the other hand, if you are looking for a more traditional visit, visit Nagoya Castle, a reconstruction of an Edo period castle that houses a museum inside; the Osu Kannon temple, which is a sample of the Kamakura period; and the Atsuta Shrine, one of the most important in Japan, which has a restaurant where you can taste the typical Kishimen noodles.



Río de Janeiro, Brasil

""The Girl from Ipanema"
© 2014 Rafael Bautista"

Ideal to receive the year on the beach, the cheerful atmosphere of the Latin culture will surely infect you with optimistic energy to start the year with renewed energy, and probably make you fall in love with Brazilians.


Known as the “Cidade Maravilhosa” (Marvelous City), it attracts tourists from all over the world looking mainly for beaches and nightlife. In addition this city counts on numerous tourist points like Stadium of Maracaná, the biggest one of Brazil, hosted the World Cups of Soccer in 1950 and 2014; Tijuca National Park, which is the largest urban forest in the world; Quinta da Boa Vista, an extensive park that houses the National Museum and the Rio de Janeiro Zoo, which between 1822 and 1889 were the gardens and the São Cristóvão Imperial Palace.


Ipanema, is an elegant neighborhood where cafes, restaurants, boutiques and clubs abound, it is said that its beach is the sexiest in the country. Meanwhile, Copacabana has a beach in the shape of a crescent, and is characterized by being a bohemian and glamorous neighborhood with numerous artistic events throughout the year.

In addition to the famous Rio Carnival, Reveillon is the name of the end of the year parties in Copacabana, which main attraction is the light and color show that produces about 25 thousand tons of fireworks placed in rafts a few meters from the coast.