Things you should not forget to put in your suitcase when traveling.

If you go on vacation there are certain essential items you should not forget to pack when making your suitcase.
The first recommendation is to travel light, be practical, and evaluate as objectively as possible the usefulness and frequency with which you may use some things. Be honest with yourself, you want to make up for everything you have not read in the year on your vacation, but those three books you are carrying are almost a third of the total weight of your luggage and you will be lucky if you manage to open only one.




Meanwhile, she is trying to fit a giant bottle of shampoo, conditioner, a loofah, and even depilatory wax. Unless you go on a trip to a desert island, all of this is completely unnecessary and may even cause you problems if it spills on your clothes.


How you leave your home:
Try to leave everything in order as possible, you do not want to clean when you return tired of so much excitement on your vacation. Take out the trash, verify that water and gas are closed. Check the expiration date of your bills, so that when you return you don’t find yourself without internet or electricity. Store your valuable belongings and car keys, in case someone else has access to your home while you’re not around.




In the airport:
In there, you are safe from the risk of being assaulted, lose consciousness, or run out of money, so you don’t have to carry money on your shoes or pockets other than the normal ones.
Wear comfortable clothes, and don’t use many accessories that could be difficult to remove during the control checkups. You want to pass through them quickly and smoothly, spend only the strictly necessary time to be able to relax during your trip. The selfies at airports are not popular so, you don’t have to suffer walking on heels the long corridors.



These are some of the items you should always have on hand when you go traveling:

Check that you have it before and after you leave your home. You don’t want to miss your flight because you were more aware of your cellphone.
Which brings us to the following essential items: Mobile charger. There’s nothing cool about running out of battery on a long trip when you have to use the GPS, text your mom to let her know everything is fine, or take a picture with the Russian flight attendant.


Medicine Kit. Don’t forget the pills for your thousand allergies, something for your stomach, and definitely carry a good repellent if you go to the beach, or a quality moisturizing product if you go to the snow.
You cannot forget your glasses, selfie stick, and to put to charge the camera battery. If you travel to an inhospitable place, you can buy a digital memory as accessory like “My Life Saving”, containing all your personal and medical history information.
And whatever you do, do not forget the most important thing: